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Complete muscle car and hot rod design and assembly

Build your car or truck from the ground up.  We handle everything from the frame, suspension, engine, transmission, body and paint, electrical, and final assembly.

Classic car suspension modification, upgrade, and replacement

Looking for that corner carving experience? We got you covered!  Complete front clips, back-half, 4-link upgrades, sway bars, coil-over suspension systems, and air ride control.  Let’s modernize the ride on your car or truck.

Award winning body and paint

With wins from the Grand National Roadster Show, the ISCA cup, 2 time invitational Fresno Autorama, and Good-Guys shows, we have the skills and experience to give you the quality of body and paint finish that you need.  Backed by PPG Paint technology.

Fuel injection installation and conversion

Modern Fuel Injection systems like the Sniper and Fitech units are an inexpensive and quick upgrade that will offer you more performance, gas mileage, and driveability.  They can be adapted to almost any engine.  No more pumping that gas pedal and flushing gas out the exhaust pipes.

LS, Coyote, Hemi engine swaps

LS engines have taken over the world.  But don’t think we forgot you, Ford and Mopar enthusiasts.  Let the technology of today be incorporated into your muscle car of the past.  Swap your vehicle into driveability, power, and mileage.

Rotisserie restorations

To truly restore your vehicle, it needs to be treated from every angle.  A rotisserie is the only to do that.  Make the underside of your car match the quality of the rest of the car.

Supercharger installation and customization

Procharger, Magnacharger, Twin Turbo.  Keep your rear bumper polished because that’s all they’re gonna see.

Panel replacement and patch panels

Is your quarter panel rotted out?  Do your fenders need replacing?  Nudeez has replaced hundreds of panels.

Brake upgrades

Stop FAST and look good doing it.  Wilwood, Baer, Brembo, Master Power Brakes, Stainless Steel Brakes, and others will make you safe on the road again.

Wiring, and wire harness replacement

Old wiring is brittle and can cause shorts and start fires.  We can get rid of that spaghetti rat’s nest under your dash and get all your lights and gauges working again.

Fiberglass construction and repair

Fiberglass cracking? We can repair it.  Need a one-off part made?  Just like the OEM’s do, we can shape your idea with foam and clay and fabricate you a panel that only YOU own.

Custom metal fabrication and welding

From MIG to TIG. Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Silicon Bronze.  Call us for your welding needs.

Chassis swaps

Art Morrison, Roadster Shop, Chassisworks.  You name the brand and we’ve probably used them.  Your old rusty chassis won’t stand a chance against a modern setup.

Vintage Air sales and installation

Whether it’s HOT or COLD, a new Vintage Air system will keep you comfy

Custom plumbing and fuel system upgrades

Let us get your high-performance engine the fuel that it needs.  Through AN hard line and braided line, we can solve your fuel problems.  Aeromotive, Holley, and many others.

Custom exhaust

You need to be HEARD!  Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Hooker Headers, Stainless Works, American Racing.  We can even fabricate custom headers.

One-of-a-kind custom color mixes

Make a statement.  Show the world your true color.  Nudeez Customs one-off color mixes will give you the shade that will turn heads.


Can’t figure out what your car’s doing?  Don’t know what to fix?  For 2 decades, we’ve been finding the cure.